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Live the life you've imagined.”  Henry David Thoreau

After working for over 30 years to build up a respectful retirement, I took a risk with a start-up company and after 6 disappointing years everything unraveled, losing our entire life’s savings. I suddenly found myself looking at other ways of making money. I had to start over but at age 62 there was no one who was going to hire me, especially in this economy. It was time to become serious about a business Cheryl and I had been working part-time since 2000.

As a result of health issues I had, Cheryl and I were introduced to a product brokerage company supplying “Isotonic Deliverable” Nutraceuticals. Having suffered from Ulcerative Colitis since 1992 my conditioned worsened considerably in 2000. A friend introduced me to a pharmacist who had been suffering from MS but was getting amazing results from a product called OPC-3. After doing some research, and conducting my own experiment with the OPC-3 and other supplements containing a high concentration of anti-inflammatory properties, my condition greatly improved. It seemed only logical to become a distributor in order to purchase the products at a discount and during the next 10 years I was mostly a consumer with the exception of a service that was introduced in 2001. With the introduction of the maWebCenter division I suddenly had an opportunity in helping small business owners leverage technology and bring new life to their business with an affordable internet presence unequalled in the industry. I began expanding my interest in Market America within the maWebCenter business.

Contributing Entrepreneur

So what is a Contributing Entrepreneur? What about an individual whose specific purpose it is to give assistance to an individual whose desire it is to become an independent entrepreneur, or someone who would rather build a second income on a part time bases rather than find a part time job. A contributing entrepreneur is the perfect description of what we do – “to give time to a deserving individual” who has a sincere desire to build a business either on a part-time or full-time basis. Our goal is to prepare individuals for success by helping them with the resources, tools, training, and support so they can become independent entrepreneurs, either part-time or full-time. We customize to each individual’s needs. If this is something you are looking for, then by all means you should explore the possibilities. Always evaluate any opportunity that may seem interesting to you; investigate all companies you may want to become involved with… it is always in your best interest to do your due diligence before starting any venture and we are here to provide information that will assist in that decision process.

The maUniversity Concept - Majors and Minors

Through a standardized and effective training system incorporating a cohesive system of meetings, seminars, and events, each new and established Distributor is afforded unparalleled learning opportunities in order to customize a business based on their interests and goals. To be successful, one must identify with and take advantage of Billion Dollar markets. Our focus is in identifying these markets and providing our partners with options to select one or more professional markets to build a business as a Major or a Minor. Below are a few examples of Majors and Minors:

•  TLS – Weight Management System & Coach
•  maWebCenter – WebSite Development
•  Motives – Cosmetic Consultant
•  nutraMetrix – Working with Health Professionals
•  Wellness Consultants – nutraMetrix Consultants
•  The UnLabel Owner Program  Artist Development 
•  maCaptital Resources  Financial Services 
•  Non-Profit Organization Program
•  Auto Care
•  Pet Care
•  Personal Care

Focus your education to that area of the business that you have an interest in or would fulfill your goals.  

Market America Annual Report!

Although Market America/SHOP.COM is not a publicly held company, they believe it is important for anyone evaluating the UnFranchise business to have all the facts including financials. We have experienced exception growth historically with no slowdown in site which means UnFranchise Ownerships will continue to grow as well. For a copy of our Annual Report, complete and submit the below form.

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Everyone is welcome to explore the many opportunities available through the UnFranchise® business model. JR Ridinger, the developer of the UnFranchise® business model, put together an indepth educational video explaining how this model came to be, what makes it unique to all other business structures, the how, & why the Binomial system became so profitable & successful. 

The UnFranchise® Manifesto comes in two videos, specifically for educational purpose only:
Part 1: Binomial and UnFranchise® System Genesis & Evolution
Part 2: Binomial vs. MLM/Network Marketing

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