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It's About our SHOP•COM Customers

It's About our Customers

As a product brokerage company, Market America provides unequalled comparison shopping from stores we all buy from like Wal-Mart, Sears, Macy's, JCPenney, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, HSN, Old Navy, Home Depot, Lowes, Toys-R-Us and thousands more. And we are the only site that offers a Free Account to earn up to 50% Cashback on purchases. There is just not enough room on one page to share all the benefits of our InYourHomeMall.com SHOP.COM site however, the most important takeaway is how our customers are #1. As a Customer Manager, our focus and responsibility is in being there for the consumer; to answer questions and assisting should you ever need help finding what you want.

Our Brands

Market America has been offering high-quality, exclusive company brands over the past 20 years. During that time, many of the top sellers have gained worldwide exposure, appearing in the pages of leading publications like Allure, Vogue, US Weekly and People, to name a few.

Although many of these brands have even attracted celebrity endorsements including hit reality TV star La La Anthony and Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, the real success comes from creating quality products that exceed customer expectations and surpass the competition.

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Pioneering a New Experience for Consumers World Wide!

In December 2011, Market America acquired SHOP.COM — a pioneer in online comparison shopping — creating a powerful, new social shopping destination poised to challenge the Internet’s leading e-commerce sites. The acquisition combines SHOP.COM’s strength in technology and merchandising with Market America’s business model combining a high-touch, personal shopping experience with the industry’s only unlimited Cashback program.

We are not here to sell — we are here to serve!

We recommend registering as a preferred customer by going to our Registration Page, and follow the easy steps. When you are asked “Were you referred by a friend?”, please us our email address bruce@growonlinenow.com. You are welcome to contact us at 678.392.3218 or schedule an appointment below and we will happily answer your questions and provide assistance with any aspect of our incredible shopping website.

Covering the full spectrum of market demands

As a product brokerage company, Market America is able to identify the latest consumer trends and capitalize on numerous multibillion-dollar markets.

Currently, the company’s exclusive lines cover everything from health and nutrition, to skin care and anti-aging, to cosmetics, to pet care.

The company achieves this by working closely with vendors to carefully select the highest-quality ingredients available. All ingredients are held to FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, ensuring they pass a series of tests and meet strict acceptance criteria. Then, Market America products are sourced from wherever the best raw material is found. Every product is scientifically engineered and must be manufactured consistently with regard to purity, quality, potency and composition.

What makes Market America products unique?

Consumers are faced with so many choices on the market today that it can often be overwhelming when picking the right health supplement or skincare product. Market America has removed all of the guesswork by providing customizable products with personalized service.

Through the Nutri-Physical free online health assessment or Gene SNP DNA Analysis, customers are able to provide specific info related to their unique lifestyle, diet and even genetic makeup to ensure they get the perfect formula ideal for them.

The free online Skincare Analysis is similar, asking questions about certain aspects of one’s personal care routine, then recommending individual skincare products based on the customer’s input.

Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics have been designed to complement any shade, color or tone of skin. A trained Motives Color Consultant is able to formulate the perfect custom blend foundation for flawless coverage.

In addition to these breakthroughs in personalized beauty and wellness, Market America products have another distinct advantage: the Isotonix delivery system. As the company’s biggest health and nutrition brand, Isotonix products come in powder form, which results in faster and more complete absorption of the effective ingredients. Isotonix, when used as directed, will provide the precise quantity of nutrients a body needs to ensure maximum results.

Product Quality Control

Product Quality ControlMarket America believes that quality must be built into every product as a design requirement. Therefore, the company's quality control process is critical, involving dedicated scientists, strategic relationships with manufacturers, and a rock-solid commitment to customers. Product excellence is more than one department or a single step in development — quality involves every individual at Market America and all stages of the process are monitored, from product concept to manufacturing and delivery.

As a product broker, not a manufacturer, Market America acts as an independent quality inspector between the manufacturer and the customer. If something isn't right, it's returned to the manufacturer for replacement. Every product is scientifically engineered and must be manufactured consistently with regard to purity, performance, strength and uniformity.

Market America's world headquarters in Greensboro, N.C. has an excellent in-house laboratory with ever-expanding capabilities that can perform such testing as microbiological contamination, isotonic range, presence of gluten allergens, pH, microscopic analysis and spectroscopic analysis. Every shipment received into the warehouse must be inspected and approved before it can go onto the shelf.

Holding Suppliers to the same High Standards

Obviously, good quality control involves high standards. Market America not only has them, it holds its manufacturers to the same. Every health and nutrition product must be produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GMPs are a quality system mandated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). GMP is a recognized standard worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of dietary supplements. This quality system ensures product meets specifications, is properly tested and has complete traceability.

The FDA enforces GMP compliance, however Market America goes one step further by insisting a manufacturer be inspected for GMP compliance by an independent auditor. In addition, Market America audits its manufacturers on a regular schedule. A typical audit takes two days and includes reviewing batch records, laboratory test results, training records, label control, sanitation procedures and ingredient control records.

Being GMP compliant means following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), which provide details about keeping the manufacturing process under control to produce a consistent product that meets all specifications. SOPs ensure that everything is done exactly the same each time.

Some examples of topics that lend themselves well to the SOP format include inventory procedure for raw materials, facility security, cleaning of manufacturing equipment, vendor qualification, employee training, and so on. In general, SOPs force a person to think through a procedure step by step. The exercise of writing the SOP is valuable and the SOP itself is a useful training tool and a reminder to staff of the correct procedures.

All these steps and requirements are necessary in order to exceed customer expectations in providing the best products available. These standards also make it possible for business owners to have complete confidence in servicing their customers and in building a successful business.

behind the supplements     discover the science

Market America's commitment to quality products starts with the science behind the formulation. Market America Science enables the consumer to see critically reviewed scientific and clinical references for each product. They have designed each product with our health and well-being in mind to achieve maximum results. Use this information for your own reference or share it with a friend. Click on the images below for more information.


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