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UnLabel vs Label

Conquer Entertainment® (CE) is a startup entertainment service with solutions for the music industry in marketing, producing and retailing of songs. These service solutions allow upcoming and independent artists to promote and sell songs without being contracted to a record label.

About Conquer Entertainment

Mission Statement

Conquer Entertainment is revolutionizing the way music-and all forms of entertainment-are marketed, produced, and ultimately brought to the end consumer.

What is Conquer Entertainment®?

Conquer Entertainment® is the musician’s door into the music world. Through this revolutionary UnLabel system, Conquer Entertainment® offers artists the services they need in order to become successful without any strings attached - unlike the current career model offered by major labels. From touring, to web design, to promotion, Conquer allows musicians to have the freedom of choice within their music career.

How does Conquer Entertainment® work?

Conquer provides everything needed to start your own label, and the best part about it is - you keep the retail profit! Interested? Learn more, get started now; discover the full potential of Conquer Entertainment®!

How can Conquer Entertainment® help me?

Conquer Entertainment® will allow you to sell your music on an exclusive site specifically designed for musicians; you don't have to be a music mogul to be an Unlabel Owner. All you need is music, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the willingness to succeed! With Conquer Entertainment®, you can use the services when and how you want to - leaving you more time to concentrate on what truly matters the most - your music!  To view the actual site, go to www.exploreconquer.com.

Infusing Artists with Cash

Amanda Ridinger introduces Michele Molinaro who explains with exceptional clarity how Conquer Entertainment Infuses Cashflow for Artists and everyone involved.

Artist Showcase

Conquer Entertainment showcases new artists live at major events as shown in this video. A great deal of effort goes into building successful businesses... Everybody is a winner!

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Featured Artists


Empowered to Create Your Own Label

Conquer Entertainment empowers artists with a powerful Unlabel system. Share and sell music & their own merchandise, post events, get new fans and more!

Residual income: Artists signed to traditional labels earn royalties with the sale of each album. With Conquer Entertainment®, it’s no different. Our unique program allows you to earn money two ways: through the distribution of your song(s) and through Market America’s MPCP (Management Performance Compensation Plan) with the UnLabel Owner program. It’s that simple! There's no limit to the amount you can earn.

It's your music: You don’t have to “sell-out” to sell your music here. Conquer Entertainment® allows you to sell your music, just the way you intended. You keep the rights to all the music you upload to your artist page, allowing you to stay independent, and authentic.


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