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maWebCenter - What sets Us apart from Conventional Developers!

Think about what it would take to own and operate a successful web development business that includes departments such as SEO, Technical Support, Graphic Design, Content Management, eCommerce, not to mention a complete software development division. What would it cost?

A WebCenter is one of the most unique and innovative products available to you. With a WebCenter, you will have a complete, turnkey business that gives you everything you'll need to earn thousands of dollars by simply setting appointments with business owners and our Product Specialists. You can also earn hundreds more in recurring monthly BV-even if you have little or no experience with computers.

Your WebCenter includes tools, training, and support to help you run your own successful Web site sales and hosting business. Learn More  — And the cost? With our Internship Program it only costs you sweat equity.

What is the commision Structure?

Retail - Wholesale - Transaction Fees = Retail Profit Commissions up to 1000%
Earn 225 BV on the initial sale of a website
Earn 25 Recurring BV each month on all active websites




Making Money with Your WebCenter

You Find a Prospective Customer... Selling Web sites is as easy as shaking hands with the small and mid-sized business owners you meet during the course of a normal day. If you start listening to what people around you are talking about, you'll be surprised how often you hear complaints and problems that could be solved with a website. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your remarkable website product to the business owners you meet, and let our powerful sales force start working for you.

We'll Take Care of the Rest! Once you've found someone interested in looking at our online solution, it's time to put our Website Sales Experts to work for you. Over the past few years, our sales team has sold thousands of Websites for WebCenter Owners, and they are just waiting to start selling sites for you! Just schedule a three-way conference call with one of our salespeople and your prospective customer, and they will:

Show your prospect all the tools and features in the Web site
Help the prospect understand how a website improve their business
Answer all of the prospect's questions
Respond to any objections the prospect may have
Negotiate the selling price (you tell us what price you want)
Follow up with the prospect until the site is sold
You just sit back and listen while we do all the work! If you meet a business owner without a Web site, we can show you how easy it is to make money with your WebCenter. It's that easy!







The Design Center - Convenient and Affordable Services 

The Design Center is the “best” way for our client's to get their Web presence set up quickly and easily. Why not take advantage of this outstanding service? It is another way to offload non-result producing activity in order to grow our business. This service alone makes it easy for anyone to provide an internet presence to any business owner. This service is especially handy for any maWebCenter Intern in order to focus on building their business without having to spend years in graphic or web design, SEO research and development, or any other aspect of web development. It is nothing more than shake a hand, sell a website.

Design Center clients receive a 5 Step gkuide which provides an overview of the process and information needed and a Design Center Wizard to enter the information. The Design Center Wizard askes a series of questions which helps our design team determine how to proceed with the site's design.

For more details on our Design Center, visit our Design Center Overview

Search Engine Optimizations

Webmasters, hosting companies, email marketing services, SEO firms... To stay competitive in the digital marketplace, today's small- and mid-sized businesses rely on an ever-growing list of third-party services. But they don't have to. Together, we can provide a comprehensive solution that helps businesses of any size attract local customers, engage audiences and interact on a personal level. It's a one-stop shop for every facet of a digital presence; a fully integrated, flexible and dynamic solution that we're always building on and improving. Again, these services ofloads non-result producing activity in order to allow us to grow our business.

Additional informaiton on our SEO package and all components of our Design Center can be found on the MAWA TEAM - SEO Team page.

Sample Design Sites

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