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A Customizeable Weight Management System

TLS® Weight Loss Solution is not a diet but a complete customizable management system encompassing low glycemic impact menu plans including education on how to identify “new” favorite foods, science-based supplementation to help re-balance your metabolism, and a graduated exercise plan all designed to take your from high fat to low fat.

While diet programs try to make you fit their program the TLS® Weight Loss Solution is about finding the right fit for each individual. With unique online profiling TLS® each person is directed to find menu plans right for them, accelerators and fitness that fit their personality, weight loss goals and lifestyle.

TLS® offers an extensive plan that covers everything you'll need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can and cannot eat. In fact, a big part of TLS® is helping you make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet.

Find Your Fit with TLS® Weight Loss Solution!!!

The TLS® Weight Loss Solution program is a perfect resource for Medical and Wellness practices, Health Spas, Fitness Centers and even for the Private Business Sector dedicated in providing a healthier solution for their employees. Learn how you can set up and implement a TLS® Weight Loss Program to meet your needs.

A low-glycemic weight management system that is enjoyed and adhered to. The TLS® Weight Loss Solution focuses on low-glycemic eating, behavior modification, and body composition. The TLS® Weight Loss Solution provides patient education materials, a daily journal, entrees, shakes and bars and clinically proven supplements to promote sustainable weight loss. With the TLS® Weight Loss Solution, your patients or employees can have lifelong success.

The below introduction video explains what TLS® Weight Loss Solution is, what it encompasses and why it works. It explains the different components of the science based, clinically proven system.

TLS teaches low-GI impact eating and how to identify new favorite foods, creating new, healthy behaviors, and improving body composition to get your metabolism operating in high gear. 

So it's time to get off the diet roller coaster, and time to start Living the Lifestyle.

What You'll EatWhat you'll Eat

This is a scientific-but-simple step, easy to understand and follow, which ensures that the food you eat provides the stable energy and nutrition it is meant to, not the empty calories and unhealthy additives it is not.

Body CompositionBody Composition

Changing what your food is made of will go a long way towards changing what you are made of, but for real changes, a little more specific attention is needed too. Like our eating plan, our exercise program is another example of beauty in simplicity.

Weight Loss AcceleratorsWeight Loss Accelerators

To help adjust to your new lifestyle and prevent plateaus, we offer a comprehensive selection of specially formulated accelerators-each one addressing a different aspect of your metabolism as it relates to weight loss.

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

The right attitude and outlook are at the very heart of change-these crucial aspects are given special attention in the TLS system, and provide you with the basic courage needed to make all other changes possible.

Tip for Success

Lose weight with a friend. Research shows that people who lose weight with a buddy actully lose about 10-15 more pounds than someone who diets alone.

TLS Shape Up program.

Witness the emotional stories from the parents of the TLS® Shape Up Program for Kids, then view all 6 Webisodes. An amazing program which changed the lives of these children and their families.

Something Must be Done


#1 - The Idea

#2 - The Families

#3 - The Kids

#4 - Shaping Up

#5 - High Road School

#6 - The Results

TLS Weight Loss System - Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

Let us know if you are interested in implementing the TLS Weight Loss System in your practice or business, or you would like to learn how to become a TLS Weight Loss Coach. 
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